*As of June 2023, Hill Country Church (PCA) uses the Blackbaud online giving platform.

One-time Donations

To make a one-time donation, simply click on the link below and it will take you to a donation page that is specific to Hill Country Church (PCA) and follow the instructions (since your personal information is not saved through this link, you will need to enter it each time you use this link and you will be unable to access any of your historical giving information).

HCPCA One-time Donation Link


Recurring Donations

If you plan on making recurring donations and would like to be able to view your historical giving information, we recommend creating a Blackbaud account in which you may save your personal information (including banking or credit card information) and also view your past donations.

To create a Blackbaud account, please follow these instructions

(1) Click on the following link and create your personal account: https://pcaf.blackbaudportal.com/

(2) When making a donation to Hill Country Church (PCA), be sure to select: “10309_Hill Country Church_Killeen TX”


Issues / Questions

If you run into any problems or have any questions with regard to the online giving process, please submit your inquiry through the church website’s contact portal: https://hillcountrypca.org/contact/