Reading God’s Word in 2024

Dear Church Family,

The new year’s celebrations have come and gone, but it’s not too late to get started on a plan to read through the Bible in a year in 2024. Or, if that sounds a bit too daunting at this point, there are plans available for reading through just the Psalms or intensive studies of just one book. For my own Bible reading, I sometimes use my own plan, read a specific book of systematic theology, or follow a devotional book like Through the Year with William Still, which my wife has begun using for 2024.

One of the best collections of Bible reading plans that I’ve found is from Ligonier and can be found online here:

There are all sorts of different options available on this site. Personally, I recommend the Navigator’s reading plan or this five-day a week reading plan, both of which are listed on the Ligonier collection.

Whatever the case, whether you plan to read through the whole Bible or study a particular book or theological topic, making a plan to read God’s Word with more consistency is always a good thing. Happy New Year!  

The Lord be with you!
Pastor Peter M. Dietsch