Recommended Sermons

Dear Church Family,

This past weekend, May 23-25, was the 2024 Ligonier National Conference; the topic was “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Tom & Mary Louise attended the conference with their grandson so I’m sure they will be able to provide a more detailed review and more specific recommendations.

For my part, here are a few of the sermons or seminars that I was able to listen to, and which I commend to you. I’ve provided the links to where you may listen to each one online for free, but you may also download the Ligonier app to your device and find them that way:

(1) First, Sinclair Ferguson preached from Acts 2:42-47 on the priority and importance of the local church. Ferguson is my favorite contemporary preacher and this sermon is a wonderful reminder of the unique blessing and privilege of the fellowship of the local church.

(2) Second, Derek Thomas preached a topical sermon on the reasons and benefits of the regulative principle of worship. When it comes to corporate worship, there is much confusion in the evangelical church today. Thomas shows the benefits and joy of worshiping the Lord only in the ways that He has prescribed for us in His Word.

(3) Finally, this was an excellent seminar or interview-like discussion with Drs. Rosaria Butterfield and Christopher Yuan on the Christian Sexual Ethic. While both spoke with compassion, they didn’t pull any punches in speaking truth to the increasingly confused understanding of human personhood and sexuality of our day.

The Lord be with you!
Pastor Peter M. Dietsch